Types of actions supported by Cirkull

  • Reduce food waste by publishing your excess volumes.
  • Issue transport requirements, present empty return corridors and LTL shipments.
  • Make a production output available for a new diversification opportunity.
  • Share space, equipment and human resources.
  • Communicate challenges, training needs or seek potential partners for a specific collaboration.
  • Sell real estate without commission or facilitate the rental of office and storage space.
  • Communicate opportunities for purchasing groups and co-logistics to representatives.
  • Implement inter-company synergies.
  • Propose projects and activities to your network.
  • Take advantage of the collaboration space to advertise trainings, webinars and working group activities.
Trade and share your assets

Valorize, sell and exchange resources, strategic assets and challenges on Cirkull marketplace.
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Asset search

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Types of asset

  • Equipment
  • Materials
  • Human resources
  • Logistics and distribution
  • Collaboration
  • Waste / Rejections
  • Real estate


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